The Meaning of Value

In the past I have written about our values at Cook’s Saw and what we try to portray to the sawmill community as well as to the people who work with us, and even more so to our own families.stephen-1.gif

These values are based on our Christian background and we try hard to base our decisions on the standard of God’s word which we believe is the Bible.

Every individual has values but what many don’t realize is that a company has values as well, and these values are established by the leaders of the company.

At Cook’s Saw MFG, LLC some of our core values that Tim and I are adamant about are Honesty, Loyalty, Quality, Integrity, Service, and Education. We are continually striving to make sure that these values permeate our company and that our customers get the benefit of them. We believe that these same Christian values were what this great country was founded on and these values are what make any company or individual a success. In addition, the reason this country has prospered is that a free market helps promote these values. For example, for a company to be successful it will have to treat it’s customer fairly.

In keeping with these values we believe that we have been blessed to have learned some technical things about portable sawmills and band saw blades that give us a great edge in the market. So in keeping with the values that I mentioned above we are working hard to teach these to the whole sawmill community. We believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive, and to know that the more we give the more blessed we will be and have even more to give. This is one reason that we have the motto ‘We want to help you make more money’.

I will brag just a little on Tim, since modesty would make it inappropriate for him to do so. Tim has been blessed with a gift of understanding mechanical things that is amazing to me. He often sees or hears about a machine or an idea and will immediately come up with an idea that will improve on it. Sometimes it seems like a curse because he can’t sleep at night because his mind won’t turn off from thinking about it.

The Super Sharp bandsaw blade is one such invention that Tim has come up with. It is beginning to catch on strong but there are a lot of sawmillers who still haven’t gotten the word and witnessed how they can make more money and increase production. So in keeping with our desire to help teach the things that we have learned and add more value, we are offering FREE Consultations to anyone who would want to make more money and increase production. If you are already running well, we Guarantee that we can help you run better and faster. If you are having problems with any portable sawmill we Guarantee that we can solve your problem and get you sawing as fast as your particular sawmill and horsepower will physically allow. We can be so sure because we have done it already many times. No one offers this value and no one else has the vast knowledge that has taken years of experience for us to learn.

I often have to pay from $125 to $300 per hour to consult with professionals (This makes me want to tell a lawyer joke, but I will resist). I have often said that we should be charging a fee such as this, but instead we have decided to offer this service for free because we want all of our customers to have an edge in the market and do well. This gives us great pleasure and satisfaction.

While we are excited to offer this FREE information and get Tim and our knowledgeable sales staff to give their time, we do still have to make a living to provide for our families and keep the doors open to tell the good news to more people another day. So in keeping with our desire to be loyal to our customers, we do ask that when we solve some of your sawing problems and help you run better that you be loyal to us and buy the products we offer. We pledge to offer you the best products available at fair and reasonable prices. (We aren’t the cheapest because cheap is often poor quality and you can’t offer quality if you work with cheap). Although we aren’t cheap we have often found that our better quality product will save you money. And as long as we continue to provide you with great products, service, and information, we hope that you will continue to be loyal and honor us by using the products we provide. We find that winners are enjoyable customers to work with, and we know that with this information and these new products that you will be a winner.

We invite you to give a us call or if your new to us, to give us a try. We will treat you with courtesy and give you the service you deserve. Here is your opportunity to make more lumber faster, and that means more profit.

To your success,


Leaders in Bandsaw Technology!