Automatic Sharpener

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Cook's Cat Claw Automatic Sharpener

As you know, your band blades are the heart of the sawmill.  If they aren’t right then your mill is not producing.
There are several light duty sharpeners out there that physically just can’t give your blades the precise sharpening, and accuracy of the Cook’s Cat Claw Sharpener.
With it’s sturdy 150lb. frame the Cat Claw delivers vibration free sharpening that will make your blade teeth sharper than when they were new. 
When you purchase a Cook’s Cat Claw Sharpener, you are not only getting a high quality machine, but also 34yrs. of sharpening experience that go into every machine we build.
We know this to be the most accurate and highest quality sharpener on the market and we back it up with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee it!

**All non-Super Sharp cams are standard 10 deg face angle: Lenox, Simonds, Suffolk, & Woodmizer

1.  Heavy Duty 1/2hp, TEFC, 120v motor
2.  Poly-Vee Belt Drive - Allows for silky smooth,
vibration free grinding. NO STANDARD V-BELT CAN MATCH THIS!
3. Zero tolerance Grind Rock Shaft - Our rock is mounted on a separate shaft and not on the motor itself which keeps the rock from moving side to side when grinding.  When the grind rock is stable it will produce the sharpest tooth points.
4. Grind Depth  Adjustment - Fully adjustable
5. Accurately Designed Cams - This is the heart of a good sharpener.  Each cam is cut out with computer controlled machinery and then hand checked for each machine we sell.  The Cat Claw can sharpen any brand blade.
6. Heavy Duty - 90V Variable speed gear motor
7. Speed Controller - Gives you infinite adjustment so you can get the speed you like and works best.
8. Back Guide Bearings - Allows for a non-resistance advancement of the blade by the
pushfinger feed.
9. Quick Adjustment blade clamp - This device holds the blade firmly in place during
the grinding procedure (no slipping).  This produces super sharp teeth!
10. Heavy Duty Frame - 150 lb. = Vibration free, smooth grinding.
11. Sharpens 1”-4” blades.

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